Is It Healthier To Grind Your Own Meat?

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Many Americans are looking to cut back on their meat consumption for health reasons. If you’re one of them, then the question is: “Is it healthier to grind your own meat?”

With so much conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to answer this question definitively.

So, in today’s blog post, we will explore why people believe grinding your own meat is healthier than buying pre-ground beef or pork at the store, what benefits come with grinding your own meat and how best you can do that in a healthy way!

At the same time, I will also try to share some quick tips for grinding your own meat in a healthy way.

So, let’s dive right in….

Why Should You Grind Your Own Meat?

First of all, I think it is essential to tell you the reasons for which you should grind your own meat.

If you are eating meat, then it is best to know that the whole process of turning a piece of beef into boneless sirloin steak involves grinding.

In fact, most pre-packaged ground meats contain some amount of bone fragments or connective tissues in them. 

As a result, you are not eating as clean as possible.

For this reason alone, it is important to purchase fresh cuts of meat and grind them yourself at home.

It will allow you to control what kind of meats go into your burger patties or sausage casings!

Therefore, “making your own” can be a very healthy way to ensure you are not inadvertently eating any bone fragments or connective tissues, while also making it possible for you to use the entire cut of beef.

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Benefits Of Grinding Your Own Meat

Well, grinding your own meat can bring in a lot of benefits. And, if you don’t know the benefits, you probably may not be that much interested in grinding your own meat at home.

In the following, I am going to discuss all the major benefits of grinding your own meat at home:


Grinding meat is usually cheaper than store-bought ground meat.  And it’s not just ground beef that can be cheaper. Pork, lamb, and even chicken are great for grinding!


You could argue that buying pre-packaged meat is better because, by the time you bring it home to cook, it will already have been frozen at some point before hitting the grocery store shelves. Grinding your own meat at home ensures that the meat is fresh and has not been frozen, which again leads to better taste.


Well, there are two sides of this coin: less fat/calories and no added preservatives or MSG! By grinding your own meat at home, you can choose how much fat to add to it.

At the same time, you can also make sure that there are no added preservatives or MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it.

When meat is pre-packaged at a store, these two things cannot be controlled by you as a consumer. Therefore, grinding your own meat ensures better quality and healthier food!

Scope for Experiment

When you grind your own meat at home, you can experiment with spices, flavors, and even textures to enhance the taste of your dish.

No one knows how much fat or seasoning you like in your meat better than yourself!

So why not make it more personalized? I think that’s a great idea for everyone who loves to try all those delicious meat grinding recipes out there!


Grinding your own meat can also help to add a lot of flavors to it.  Besides, the texture will be much better than store-bought ground meats because you have added all those different cuts and pieces while grinding at home!

And if that isn’t enough reason for you to start grinding your own, I don’t know what is? 😉

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Is It Healthier To Grind Your Own Meat?

To answer this question, I have to tell you about the nutritional information of the ground meat (grounded at home).

I think it will give you a clear idea about whether grinding your own meat is healthy or not…

Nutritional Information of Ground Meat

Well, let’s start with the basics first.

According to USDA Nutrient Database, 100g of raw ground beef has an equal amount of calories as in 100g of cooked sirloin steak or porterhouse steak! And this is not all…  

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), one serving size for meat is about three ounces which makes 120 grams per serving.

So, if you are making a patty out of that 120 grams ground beef, it will have almost 200 calories and 11g fat.

If we take pork into consideration, its nutritional value per serving is also almost the same as in 100g sirloin, porterhouse, or top loin steak!

So, what does this tell us? Well, it tells that you are definitely not eating any scraps by grinding your own meat. 

If I am making a burger with 120 grams of ground beef (100% lean), then my patty will have around 160 calories and about 11g fat. And if I make the same size burger out of pork instead, it will be even less fattening because one serving has approximately 200 calories only!

On the other hand, it’s not necessarily healthy to buy pre-packaged meats at a store because they have been frozen before hitting grocery stores shelves so there are chances of them being contaminated with parasites or getting spoiled before using in dishes! 

It has also got added preservatives and MSG (monosodium glutamate) which causes harm if consumed in large quantities over an extended period of time.

Also, prepackaged foods do contain less fat/calories but then again, they add all kinds of unhealthy chemicals to the meat in order to keep it fresh for a longer period!

And, when you grind your own meat at home then no one knows how much fat/calories or even MSG is added by you so this negates all the benefits.

So, is it healthier to grind your own meat? Well, I think that answer will be pretty clear now…

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How To Grind Your Own Meat In A Healthy Way?

In comparison to cooked meat, you have to be a bit careful when it comes to dealing with raw meat.

For your convenience, I am going to share some simple & easy steps that will surely help you grind meat in a healthy way at your home.

Keep in mind that when you perform the grinding job at home, you get full freedom of doing experimentation based on your taste and preference…

Let’s get it started then….

Clean Everything Properly

 It is advised to wash your working surface with soap and hot water before grinding the meat so there are no unwanted particles of dirt or other items. You can even use a sanitizer after washing the surface to make sure that nothing is left back on it.

Keep all utensils you are going to use for work clean & safe for eating food by washing them properly too! 

Get The Right Tools For The Job

A manual grinder, KitchenAid Meat Grinder, or any other electric grinder that suits your style will be perfect for this job! So, don’t forget to pick wisely…

And in addition, you might need to sharpen your blades regularly because dull blades can tear up or mash up the meat and that is the last thing you want to give to your body!

You can get a sharpener from any nearby store or even from online stores too.

If you don’t have time for all this then go with an electric meat grinder because they are way easier to work with…

The Right Attitude Is More Important Than Anything Else

Some people grind their own meat once in a while but they do not realize that there is a proper technique involved when it comes to grinding meats properly…

For example, if one uses insufficient force when using a manual grinder then meat does not come out in fine particles rather in chunks which again causes harm in the end…

So, keep the grinder’s speed at a medium level and press it down with a slight angle because this will help you produce finer particles of meat…

And, if you are going to use an electric meat grinder then don’t make the same mistake because these grinders have too strong motors equipped inside them…

So, always follow the right techniques when working with manual or electric grinders.

Freezing the Meat Before You Start Grinding

I found this technique on a few medical websites and they said it’s a good idea to freeze meat for 15-20 minutes before you start grinding it so that the fats in the meat get hard and stay solid after griding.

It is believed that by doing this, one can not only remove most of the fat from the meats but also reduce the chances of contamination with harmful bacteria.

And, it is better to grind the fat too Because that reduces the calories in the final product too!

Some Tips For Grinding Your Own Meat In A Healthy Way

In this section, I am going to share some of the quickest and efficient tips that will help you grind your own meat in a much healthier way.

So, here we go….

  • If you are using an electric grinder then make sure that the blade is sharp enough to grind meat without any tearing issues.
  • It is better to go with less fatty meats when it comes to grinding because for example chicken thighs have more fat in them than the breast part of a chicken.
  • Try not to add any spices in the meat before grinding, just add salt & pepper according to your taste when it comes to cooking… 
  • For making burger patties, don’t overwork the ground beef because this will again squeeze out all the juice/fat from it which does nothing but give you more calories…
  • Keep your storage bags clean by washing them properly every time after use… 
  • Wrap the ground meat properly before placing them inside the freezer so there are no issues with contamination…

So, those were some of my tips & thoughts on how to grind your own meat in a healthy way.

And now it’s time for me to hear from you guys…

…What is your opinion about all this? Have I missed out on anything here?

How do you grind your own meat?…

Do you use any particular technique or tool that helps you produce great results every time?… Do let me know… 😊

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What Is The Best Meat Grinder To Grind Meat In A Healthy Way?

Well, you have already got to know that you definitely need a good quality meat grinder if you want to grind meat at home in a healthy way.

But the problem is that a wide range of meat grinder machines are now available out there at present. So, it can be a bit challenging for you to choose the right meat grinder from these numerous numbers of options.

So, how do you choose the right meat grinder for grinding your own meat???

Well, in the following, I am going to share some of the best performing meat grinder machines for grinding meat at home in a healthier way.

Here are My Recommendations…

1. STX MF Platinum Ed Meat Grinder

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2. LEM #12 Big Bite Meat Grinder

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3. Homdox Electric Meat Grinder

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FAQs About Grinding Meat In A Healthy Way

1. Is It Worth Grinding Your Own Meat?

Answer:  Yes, I would say it is worth grinding your own meat.
It is much healthier than buying processed meats from the market because when you grind your own meat you can add spices and other ingredients in such a way that they give you all the nutrients and flavors without any added fat or calories.

2. Is Organic Meat Better Than Regular Meat?

Answer: Yes, organic meats are better than regular ones if we talk about health benefits but not every time…
For example, the majority of people believe that chicken thighs have more fat in them than breast part of a chicken which is simply not true because both parts contain different levels of fat so there’s no point asking a question like Is Organic Meat Better Than The Regular Meat?
And, also, if one uses the right technique while grinding meats then it doesn’t matter whether the meat is organic or not.

3. How Do You Safely Grind Meat?

Answer:  Safely grinding meat is all about working with the right technique and tools. And, in my experience, I found that the best way to get this done is by freezing your meats for 15-20 minutes before you start grinding them because this will help solidify the fats of the meat which becomes easier to remove after grinding.
Also, try to keep everything clean enough and wash the tools properly after every use. This will help you remove any possible bacteria or meat particles from them which is always a good thing, right?

4. How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder? 

Answer:  If you are someone who doesn’t have access to grinding equipment, don’t worry…you can still get your hands on fine ground meats without spending extra money.
Nowadays there are lots of different meat grinders available that come with different attachments for grinding meats in different shapes & sizes.
So just pick one according to your needs and enjoy making some great meals! 🙂
For more information regarding this subject matter, you can check out this detailed blog post of mine.

5. Can You Make Ground Meat Out Of Leftover Steaks?

Answer: Yes, it is definitely possible to make ground meat out of leftover steaks.
All you need to do is place your leftover steak in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before grinding because this will help solidify the fats in the meat which in turn make them easier to remove after grinding.

6. Is grinding your own beef safer?

Answer:  Yes, grinding beef at home is much safer than buying it from the store. That’s because you can choose the things you want to include in your ground meat recipe.
For example, if raw beef steak contains E. coli bacteria, then no matter how clean or safe you are during the grinding process it’s highly likely that some amount of E. coli will be present in your finished ground beef steaks which later on gives rise to various health problems like diarrhea, fever, etc…
So now you must be thinking why should I buy ground beef from my local stores? …The answer is simply not worth it!

7. How many times should you grind meat?

Answer:  This is a tricky question and the answer will depend upon things like type of meat, the quantity of meat, grinding technique, etc…

8. Should meat be frozen before grinding?

Answer:  Yes, it is a great idea to freeze your meats before you start grinding because this will help solidify the fats of your meat which makes them easier to remove while grinding.

9. Can I use my food processor for grinding meat?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely use your food processor for grinding but make sure that if it has multiple blades then you should only use the one with a fine blade otherwise it will not be able to grind your meat properly which will, later on, affect the end result.
Also, don’t overprocess your ground beef because this might again give rise to various issues like lumpiness or consistency problems in cooked dishes.

Final Thought

So, now you have got a clear answer to the question – ‘Is it healthier to grind your own meat?

In the above discussion, I have not only tried to answer to this question, but I have also shared some secret tips that you can follow to grind meat at home in a healthy way as well.

In the end, I would like to conclude this post with a sentence that says – “If you decided to grind your own meat then make sure that you have a right grinder in hand and also use it in a proper way so that you get the finest particles of meat every time”.

Still, if you have any kind of questions or you just want to say something then feel free to do that by leaving a comment below 🙂

I would love to hear from you.

Lastly, if you want to study reviews of the latest kitchen gadgets along with cooking guide and tips, you can check out this website.


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